Northern Orchards

Distributors of Ontario's finest apples for over 35 years

Northern Orchards was started by Leo Visser in the late 1960's. Working with local farmers, he sold vegetables and fruit door-to-door in downtown Toronto. Seeing an opportunity to sell larger volumes, he started selling direct to retail food stores at The Ontario Food Terminal in 1973. The Terminal is a large distribution center for produce from all over the world. He built up a business supplying carrots, potatoes, eggs, cabbage, onions, lettuce and finally apples to the food stores of Ontario. Over the years, apple sales slowly became the main product line until the early 1990's when the company exclusively sold apples.

In 1993, Leo's son Wes took over the day-to-day company operations. Over a season, the company handles every variety of Canadian produced apples that are available. The main strength of the company is that it can supply the best apples available to the retail stores. Not limited to a specific region, we can supply quality apples from growers from British Columbia to Nova Scotia. At our location, retailers can buy local Canadian apples twelve months of the year.

Northern Orchards apples are not available directly to the general public. The retailer and distributor page of this website provides a list of some of the locations our apples are currently available.