Northern Orchards

Food Safety

Northern Orchards and its growers are committed to food safety. As well, we are committed to the environment. All of our growers use a program called Integrated Pest Management (IPM). It is a program which minimizes chemical use in orchards spraying. As well, all growers work with local government agencies and researchers to use softer products and natural predators to control pest insects. Only clean, fresh water is used for irrigation.

Canadian orchard growers are held to the strictest government regulations in the world in order to deliver safe fruit to the consumer, unlike countries such as China, where anything can be done and nobody knows what they do to bring fruit to the market.

When buying fruit from our retailers, you can be assured everything has been done on our part to deliver safe, wholesome apples.


How To Store And Handle Apples

Apples are known as a living food. In order to maintain their best quality, it is important to store them as cold as possible without freezing them. They will last ten times longer if refrigerated than if left at room temperature. In fact, the worst place to store them is in a fruit bowl on display. Only put apples out that you plan on consuming that day.

  • All fruit should be washed with fresh water before consumption.
  • Avoid contamination from unprocessed food such as raw meat and its juices.

Apples emit ethylene. This is a naturally occurring gas which encourages ripening. You can benefit from this apple characteristic by putting fruit that you do want to ripen in a paper bag. By storing them in a plastic bag, they will not affect other produce items in your refrigerator. Apples bruise very easily. Handle them as carefully as you would eggs. That way nothing will be wasted.